The fifth BuildIT conference will be held on the 18th of April. This will feature Modular Buildings And Automated Construction as the main topic. We will be gathering experts from both Estonia and abroad to share their knowledge with us. The conference will end with a debate where the experts will discuss topic related questions more thoroughly.


NB! The Conference will take place in TUT’s Assembly Hall (U01- 202).


The lectures are divided into four large segments:


I A Fresh View on Modular Construction and Smart Factories 09:00-11:00

09:00-09:15 Introduction

09:20-09:55  Gottfried Jäger (hsbcad) and Jüri Kliimask (Inseneribüroo Pluss OÜ)– IT solutions by hsbCAD for modular house factories

10:00-11:00 Sini Saarimaa (Architects a-live, Tampere University of Technology) – Architects’ Vision for Modular Multi-Storey Buildings

II Modular Buildings – From Production to Construction 12:00-13:30 

12:00-12:40 Alo Tamm (Harmet OÜ) – Factory Machinery and Processes – The Production of Modules

12:45-13:30 Andrus Leppik (Kodumaja AS) – Building out of Modules

III 3D Printed Concrete 13:45-15:15

13:45-15:15 Freek Bos (Eindhoven University of Technology) – 3D Printed Concrete – The Latest Developments

IV Debate: “Modular Buildings and Automated Construction – The Future of the Construction Industry?” 15:45-16:45 

Debating: Sini Saarimaa, Alo Tamm, Andrus Leppik, Freek Bos

Moderator: Eva Kiisler



Performing at the Conference:


Sini Saarimaa

Sini Saarimaa (Architect M.Sc.) works as a researcher and teacher at the Tampere University of Technology and as a practicing architect at Architects a-live. Her research focuses on user-centered solutions and housing designs of modular construction systems. Through these backgrounds her main objective is to develop design thinking for apartment buildings in a way to better cater to the challenges of the future. Her passion for the quality of everyday environments and dweller inclusion is displayed in her in-process doctoral study that aims to enrich the understanding of features and relations of multi-storey buildings’ structure, appearance and services in respect to its apartments’ potential for personalization.

Architects a-live cooperative

Architects a-live is an architectural office established in 1997. They provide quality architectural services on all fields of architectural design and specialize in housing desing and urban development. As experts in modular housing construction using prefabricated CLT-elements their goal is to develop Finnish housing construction.

Tampere University of Technology

Tampere University of Technology is one of the two Finnish universities operating in the form of a foundation. Most recently, Tampere University of Technology has joined forces with the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The aim of the Tampere3 process is to establish an inspiring and globally attractive environment for research and learning, which benefits from multidisciplinary interfaces.

In her presentation Sini Saarimaa will be sharing Finnish experience and knowledge in the field of modular construction as well as different approaches to it from other parts of the world. We will hear about the systematic design thinking behind the modular wooden multistorey residential buildings that have been implemented via Architects a-live cooperative and the research that Sini has carried out in Tampere University of Technology, School of Architecture which examines resident-orientation in the context of modular multistorey residential buildings.


Alo Tamm

Alo Tamm is the CEO of Harmet OÜ since 2014 having previously worked in a number of construction companies as project manager, director of development, construction management director and chairman. He has a bachelors degree in civil engineering and law as well as masters degree in economics and engineering.

Harmet OÜ

Harmet Modular Houses is an Estonian manufacturing company that produces modular houses, pre-fabricated modules and various modular on-site facilities, whereby 90% of the entire module structure and interior is built in the factory. They offer their customers complete B2B solutions – from design to the final assembly of the buildings, including all aspects of architecture, engineering, construction and maintenance. Harmet is one of the biggest producers and suppliers of the region.

In his lecture Alo Tamm will take the listener on a tour to the realm of modular housing factories where guests can learn about the inner workings of the fabrication process. Modular construction company Harmet opened their biggest and newest factory, which is an exemplary modern manufacturing facility, in the summer of 2017.


Andrus Leppik

Andrus Leppik is the CEO of Kodumaja AS who studied civil engineering in Tallinn University of Technology. Having graduated in 1992 he joined Kodumaja in 1996 and has devoted himself to it ever since.

Kodumaja AS

Kodumaja is a future-oriented group of companies that practises modern technologies of construction and specialises in building from pre-fabricated modular sections. Their wide range of different projects exemplify Kodumaja’s advantage before their main competitors by better adapting to their clients needs and wishes. With their 22 years of experience in the construction industry Kodumaja has become probably the biggest Estonian construction company in Nordic countries by constructing about 7100 apartments and private residents. Kodumaja employs about 500 employees and their most notable achievement is the 14-storey wooden building “Treet” in Bergen, Norway which was completed in 2015.

Andrus Leppik presents us the ways and means by which multistorey modular residential buildings are erected based on the long experience of Kodumaja modular construction company.


Freek Paul Bos

Freek currently works as an Assistant Professor of Concrete Structures at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. He performs research in the field of 3D Concrete Printing (3DCP), focusing on concepts to increase structural performance and durability of the printed objects. Visit the research group website at for more information. Previously, Freek worked for a large Dutch company as a consulting engineer. He obtained his PhD from the Delft University of Technology.

For our guests this is a rare opportunity to hear a lecture about a technology in development – 3D concrete printing – from one of the leading researchers in this field – Freek Bos. In his presentation Freek will give us an overview of the history and different approaches to 3D concrete printing as well as a glimpse into the latest project of his research team.


 Jüri Kliimask and Gottfried Jäger

Jüri Kliimask is a civil engineer and partner at the engineering company Pluss OÜ who is also the representative of hsbcad in Estonia with more than 15 years of experience in technical consultance and training.

Gottfried Jäger comes from a civil engineering background and specialises in timber technologies. At the moment he is the Managing Director in hsbcad.

The director of the innovative manufacturing and engineering software company hsbcad and his Estonian partner will present us with the new possibilities and applications of hsbcad for modular house factory machines and engineering departments.





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