The fifth BuildIT conference will be held on the 18th of April. This will feature Modular Buildings And Automated Construction as the main topic. We will be gathering experts from both Estonia and abroad to share their knowledge with us. The conference will end with a debate where the experts will discuss topic related questions more thoroughly.

The lectures are divided into four large segments:

I A Fresh View on Modular Construction and Automated Factories 10:00-12:00

10:00-10:15 Introduction

10:20-10:55 Projecta Balti AS – New Technologies for Modular House Factories

11:00-12:00 Sini Saarimaa (Architects a-live) – Architects’ Vision for Modular Multi-Storey Buildings

II Modular Buildings – From Production to Construction 13:00-14:30 

13:00-13:40 Alo tamm (Harmet OÜ) – Factory Machinery and Processes – The Production of Modules

13:45-14:30 Andres Leppik (Kodumaja AS) – Building out of Modules

III 3D Printed Concrete 14:45-16:15

14:45-16:15 Freek Bos (Eindhoven University of Technology) – 3D Printed Concrete – The Latest Developments

IV Debate: “Modular Buildings and Automated Construction – The Future of the Construction Industry?” 16:30-17:30 

Moderator: Eva Kiisler

Debating: Sini Saarimaa, Alo Tamm, Andrus Leppik, Freek Bos

The conference will be held on the 18th of April in Tallinn University of Technology. The lectures are divided into four large segments: I  Fresh view on modular...

Open Seats 193

10:00 - 17:30




Last year’s conference can be found here.